Urgent Care

A licensed RN will arrive to your location equipped with everything to check your vitals, first aid supplies, and rapid lab kits for strep throat, flu, UTI infection, and other ailments. Once they have determined your condition, the nurse will connect you with a doctor for an immediate face-to-face televisit as needed for diagnosis and prescriptions.*

Nursing Services

Nurses can help you recover from an injury, change dressings after surgery, provide IV antibiotics, work with elders, you name it. High-quality healthcare to meet your needs. Reach practitioners through the app, text, or call with your request and our technology will work with you to match your request.*

IV Therapy

Practitioners are ready to implement in-home IVs required by your MD, or general wellness if you suffer from migraines, jet-lag, exhaustion, or want to boost your vitamin levels in the most efficient way, a nurse is fully equipped to help you get to your best self.*