This is Population Health 2.0

FRND Health is an on-demand network of RNs and NPs extending care for leading MDs and Institutions where it is needed most:


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What We Do

FRND Health provides custom solutions to our partners to provide a window into their patient's homes. By combining a unique, flexible, on-demand network of practitioners and the most sophisticated remote monitoring technology, we can keep patients happy and healthy at home and out of the hospital while pushing real-time data back to the clinicians and care teams that need it most

Who We Serve

Our clients are Hospitals, Payors, ACOs, Senior Housing, and Primary Care Physicians that share the common goal of reducing ER utilization and readmissions, while increasing patient engagement and quality of care. Our practitioners take your protocols with them via our proprietary booking system and app, and report back data and statistics in real-time through our HIPAA compliant portal


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Connect directly with a practitioner via our proprietary platform, which provides real-time feedback and patient data


FRND Health practitioners are equipped with everything needed for a variety of use cases


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We participate in fee-for-service and at-risk contracts with our partners to ensure priority alignment